Investment program

The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program facilitates foreign investments in the local economy. The program provides an opportunity to high net-worth individuals and their families to invest only 300, 000 Euro in real estate or shares to get a long term residence or 511, 292 Euro shares or governmental bounds to obtain a permanent residence permit within just six months, without even the need to be established in the country. With additional investment of EUR 511,292 a Bulgarian citizenship could be obtained in 2 years without any other requirements.

Fast process to residency (six to nine months);
Fast-track option allowing for citizenship within two years;
Special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation;
Government-approved investment and available financing options from banks;
No language requirements for residence or citizenship;
No obligation to relinquish current nationality;
Lowest tax rates and free trade environment within the EU.

Free movement within the Schengen zone, after Bulgaria becomes a member state;
Access to high quality healthcare in Bulgaria and the EU;
Conditional tax exemption on world income.

Unrestricted right to travel, live, work and study in Europe;
Right to own land in a EU country.