What is the purpose of your visit to Bulgaria?

Then there are 4 types of visas:

Visa for airport transit (Visa Type “A”) – These visas could be single, double or multiple with duration 3 months from the issuance date. The Visa Type “A” entitles you to pass or to stay in the international transit zone of the airport in the cases of stopover or when changing flights in order to continue your travel to another country.

Visa for short-term stay (Visa Type “C”) – These visas concern a planned in advance stay in Bulgaria. They could also be single, double or multiple, with duration of the stay in Bulgaria up to 3 months within each 6-month period, considered from the date of the first entry to Bulgaria.

Visa for long-term stay (Visa Type “D”) – The duration of these visas is 6 months and gives you the right to reside up to 180 days. This Visa generally is issued if you would like to settle in Bulgaria either for a long period or permanently. The Visa Type “D’’ entitles you to enter to Bulgaria multiple times within the term of its duration.

Visa, issued at the border – These visas could be only single transit visas with duration up to 2 days, unless anything else is foreseen in an international contract, and short-term stay visas with duration up to 15 days.